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Tea's Me Cafe White Tea

Champagne Raspberry


Try our absolutely refreshing blend hot or iced… One of our popular white teas. Has very light refreshing taste with safflowers, champagne infused and red raspberry flavors.

White Loose Leaf Tea at Tea's Me Cafe

Le Monde Du Wayne


The World of Wayne… Passionate right from the very first sip while captivating the senses. Experience a lite pear taste accompanied by delicate fruit flavors and a alluring fresh pleasant scent tea. The owners namesake blend is dominated with fluffy tips as well as yellow rose buds and pineapple flakes. Wonderful high grades of Lung Ching, Sencha greens and and Pai Mu Tan white tea flavored with mango cubes, pineapple flakes and rose buds. Elegant with all the health benefits of white tea. EU Organic