Although most of Kenya’s teas are fanning grade, and used in commercial tea bags,the Kenya Highlands, with altitudes of up to 9000 feet, produce very small amounts of orthodox produced teas. Our relationship is a GFOP1 with many golden tips, a dark amber cup color and a strong, spicy-fruity aroma. Enjoy this popular, satisfying tea in the morning or throughout the day. Goes well with milk and sweetener. Kenya also makes a great traditional ice tea

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Recommendations: Use 1 level tsp. per 6 oz. cup; heat fresh water to a roaring steep for 3 min. Try with some milk and our liquid sweetener. 2oz makes 20-25 cups of tea.

Health Benefits: Black tea is a powerful source of antioxidants that can slow down the aging process and help prevent a wide variety of diseases. Medical research suggests that black tea can assist in lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar. Much lower in caffeine than coffee, black tea gently stimulates the heart and circulatory system. By keeping blood


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