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Vanila Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea



Made from the South African “red bush”, Rooibos is a caffeine-free beverage, rich in essential minerals. It is enjoyed in South Africa throughout the day, both hot and chilled. Rooibos has a characteristically mild flavor and a soft, citric sweetness. It is very low in tannins so it does not turn bitter. Try with some honey or on ice (double the leaf amount) with lemon and fresh mint.

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Rooibos Key Largo


Flavored with papaya bits, mango bits, peach bits, orange peels and marigold flowering, this rooibos is a wonderful treat either hot or cold.

Vanila Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea

Rooibos Vanilla


As if they were made for each other. Rooibos and the finest grade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. A truly addictive blend.


Savanna Breeze Tea's Me Cafe

Savanna Breeze

In need of a breeze on a hot summer day… Welcome the humidity with our seasonal India- Ceylon black tea blended with blueberries, cranberries with safflowers.

Savannah Breeze is our go to summer tea we call our southern table wine: Without the alcohol. A fine summer breeze!

Green Tea Tea's Me Cafe



Sencha is the principal exported Japanese tea and is offered in a wide range of qualities. Low grades have coarse, yellow-green leaves and often produce a grassy, somewhat bitter tea. Higher qualities by comparison have elegant, flat, dark-green leaves yielding a fragrant, aromatic cup with a refreshing flavor.

Sparkling Wine Herbal Tea

Sparkling Wine


This light, fruity, yet elegant blend is perfect for the connoisseur of the finer things in life, bringing all the flavor with none of the alcohol. A traditional champagne flavor enhanced by a luscious strawberry aroma.

This royal infusion is also delicious when drunk cold – perhaps with a little bit of whit white wine spritzer or add lemonade like we do for a Strawberry Palmer.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, strawberry pieces, papaya cubes, rose petals and pink cornflower blossoms.

Herbal Tea Tea's Me Cafe

Tiramisu Mate


If you like Irish coffee taste, you must try this blend. Roasted Mate with cocoa, mascarpone, Rooibos (Red Tea), chocolate chips, caramel pieces, skimmed condensed milk, sugar, glucose molasses, freeze-dried yoghurt, roasted coffee beans and Roman chamomile . This is a invigorating, caffeine bearing herbal infusion. Contains milk and nut products.

Green Tea Tea's Me Cafe

Tropical Cyclone


China green tea with heavenly mango, passion fruit, blended with marigolds and blue mallow blossoms.